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About This Program
The Anzacs - History Project is an interactive computer based teaching aid and student learning resource for Australian history studies in Year 6 - Australia as a Nation, and Year 9 - The Making of the Modern World of the F-10 National History Curriculum.
The Anzacs - History Project is centred on a twelve minute audio-visual narrative that gives a broad overview of Australia’s involvement in the First World War, and of the formation and action of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
The narrative tells the story of: the outbreak of war in Europe; Australia rallies to England's aid; early enthusiasm and enlistment; the first contingent; the "Emden" sunk; Gallipoli; the conscription debate; Middle East campaign; the French trenches; armistice and evaluation

The Anzacs - History Project is an easy to use resource and interactive lesson that develops student’s historical knowledge, understanding and skills.

The Anzacs has all of the program functions, student activities and teacher assesment capibilities that are set out in The Story of Australia - History Projects Home Page.

The broad scope of the associated activities allows teachers to utilise cross curriculum approaches, drawing in general capabilities including literacy, ethical behaviour, intercultural understanding and critical and creative thinking.

The program develops students’ historical knowledge, understanding and skills in response to the key inquiry questions of the F-10 National History Curriculum.

Year 6- Australia as a Nation.
  1. Why and how did Australia become a nation?

  2. How did Australian society change throughout the twentieth century?

  3. Who were the people who came to Australia? Why did they come?

  4. What contribution have significant individuals and groups made to the development of Australian
and Year 9 - The Making of the Modern World
  1. What were the changing features of the movements of people from 1750 to 1918?

  2. How did new ideas and technological developments contribute to change in this period?

  3. What was the origin, development, significance and long-term impact of imperialism in this period?

  4. What was the significance of World War I?
Mapping Table

Program Volume

Year Levels

Key Content Areas

Volume 14
The Anzacs
Year 6
Year 9
Australia’s White Australia Policy;
the Kanakas;
automobiles and aircraft;
sport and recreation;
the capital city controversy;
the selection of Canberra as the site for the federal capital;
the threat of war.

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