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Delightfully Dramatised by an all Australian Cast

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The Brothers Grimm Vol One
The Brothers Grimm Vol Two

-The Elfin Grove
-Snow Drop
-The Children of Fortune
-The Fox and the Horse
-Cat Skin
-The Queen Bee

Playing time approx 60 min.

The Brothers Grimm Vol 1

-Rose Bud
-The Woodcutters Child
-The Golden Goose
-Tom Thumb
-Peter the Goatherd
-The Travelling Musicians
-The Spider and the Flea
-The Waters of Life

Playing time approx 60 min.

The Brothers Grimm Vol 2
Traditional Stories Vol One
Traditional Stories Vol Two
-Dick Whittington
-The Two Frogs
-Don't Tell a Soul

Playing time approx 45 min.
Traditional Stories Vol 1

-The Emperor and the Nightingale
-Why the Sea is Salt
-The Princess and the Pea

Playing time approx 45 min.

Traditional Stories Vol 2
Dramatised Children's Classics Classic Fairy Tales
-Jack and the Beanstalk
-The Little Red Hen
-The Three Little Pigs
-The Goats in the Turnip Field

Playing time approx 45 min.
Dramatised Children's Classics
-The Sleeping Beauty
Stone Soup
-The Princess who Couldn't Laugh
-The Tinder Box

Playing time approx 45 min.
Classic Fairy Tales
Let's Play at Acting Uncle Remus

An introduction to drama for children of primary school age.

It is an easy to follow program encouraging maximum participation with an emphases on
"fun in drama."

Playing time approx 60 min.

Lets Play at Acting -The Tar Baby
-Brer Rabbit Tricks Brer Fox
-Brer Fox Outwits Brer Buzzard
-We Meet Sis Cow
-We Meet Brer Terrapin
-Brer Rabbit Goes Fishing
-Brer Terrapin Proves his Strength

Playing time approx 57 min.
Uncle Remus
Kookanoo Let's Join In

-The Adventures of an Aboriginal Boy
-Kookanoo and the Kangaroo
-Kookanoo and the Crocodile
-The Spotted Bower Bird
-The Dancing Brolgas
-Kookanoo and the Water Holding Frog

Playing time approx 58 min.

Kookanoo -The Three Bears
-The Ginger Bread Man
-The Little Coal Truck
-The House that Jack Built
-Shoemaker and the Elves
-Three Billy Goats Gruff
-The Story of Henny Penny
-The Musicians of Bremen

Playing time approx 58 min
Let's Join In

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